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How I Cured Fatty Liver

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This is a transcript of an actual Facebook post Rebecca Katz wrote about her experience with Fatty Liver disease and difficulties she had to tackle. Links to FB post and other referred web pages can be found below the post.

“Everyone close to me knows that I have been overweight since my late 20s. It is not like I did not try to lose weight, I did. I tried exercising, changing the diet, even tried acupuncture. Since nothing of these really worked for me I kinda got used to being overweight. It was not all bad until couple of months ago when I started having this awful abdominal pain accompanied by bloating problems. It was very, very painful. Most web pages I googled up stated that fatty liver will show no pain so I figured the problem was probably in my gallbladder, and I went to see a doctor about it.

Ultrasound showed fat lesions on my liver. Turns out I did have a fatty liver in spite of pain, and according to my doc, it could go two ways – into cirrhosis, which in turn could go into Liver Cancer or, with a right diet plan and exercise my liver wouldn’t develop any further damage and it would get back on where it was before.

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Big C word really got me into panic. It is funny how powerful stimulant death can be. I started reading about fatty liver disease, its causes, symptoms and most important – remedies. There are A LOT fatty liver remedy resources on the web and all are pointing in one direction – 180 degrees change of a lifestyle. Change of diet and daily habits. Getting rid of smokes and liquor (a glass of wine in few days does count as alcohol).

What I needed were specific instructions – what to eat, when to eat it, what to drink when to drink it. A guided meal plan, something to hang on to.
This is where it got interesting. As with everything else people will try to cash in on your misfortune. I ended up buying fatty liver remedy “report” for $15 which was actually a 20 pages PDF telling me what I already knew – I had to drop junk food and start exercising! FFS! Next report was mostly about how to get off of booze and smokes. Helpful but not exactly what I needed tho.

To cut the long story short I ended up with ton of BS fatty liver products. That is, until I stumbled upon this website about reversing fatty liver naturally. You can imagine how skeptic I was. The web page looked the same as other web pages which sold me mist before. Big red letters, bullet points, liver pictures, promise of cure. AND 60 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee. This was actually the first time I ended up buying the product with feeling I had nothing to lose.

I downloaded PDF after the payment and first thing that was very clear to me is that this was no BS “report” about fatty liver disease. It was a full 190 pages book which dealt with all questions one can have about this condition. It was divided in 4 parts and each part covered specific problem.

In part one the author writes about the disease, what it is, how you got it, what are your triggers.
Part two covers the preparation: what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, supplementation…
Part three is the meat of the book and it is all about fatty liver diet. The diet itself, smoothies, juices, shopping list for a healthy liver.
In part 4 there is information about liver cleansing: preparation, 7 day cleanse, what results to expect after the cleanse.
At the end there are fatty liver friendly recipes.

All together, 4 parts, 26 chapters, 190 pages to help you deal with fatty liver. It worked for me because I needed this structure and clear plan of action. It may as well work for you. Fingers crossed.



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