New Diet Reverses Fatty Liver Disease

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Fatty Liver Diet Guide Reverses and Eliminates Fatty Liver Disease

09/23/10 – If you have been recently diagnosed with a fatty liver, there can be some anxiety and some confusion as to how to effectively treat and cure the disease. Doctors are mostly crippled with prescribing medications and putting their patients on diet plans that are not often followed correctly. The newly released Fatty Liver Diet Guide gives those with this disease a complete system to manage, reverse and cure the disease to go on living a normal lifestyle. FattyLiverDietPlans.com is currently showcasing this new treatment program in an effort to help patients eliminate Fatty Liver Disease. (http://www.fattyliverdietplans.com)

“Fatty Liver Diet Guide was developed by Dorothy Spencer, who has spent over ten years helping fatty liver patients as a nurse, and medical researcher,” said a spokesperson for the site. “Her guide starts you off immediately focusing on slowing the progression of the disease, through education of liver damaging products and eating habits that affect the progression of Fatty Liver Disease. Dorothy’s Diet Workbook included with the guide makes it easy to follow on your own pace, on your own schedule, and your own preferences. The Fatty Liver Diet Guide is a proven method that will save you time, money, and your family.”

Whether you have been suffering for a couple of years, just been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease, or just plain want to regain a healthy liver to keep away from liver cancer or failure, this guide could change your life.

For more information about Fatty Liver Diet Guide, Fatty Liver Disease, or fatty liver diet and treatment plans, please visit Fatty Liver Diet Plans.com at: http://www.fattyliverdietplans.com

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